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Monotonic & Cyclic Testing

Material tests are often grouped as monotonic or cyclic. Both types of tests are used to identify the mechanical properties of metals, composites and many other materials, as well as components made from these materials. Tension and compression are examples of monotonic tests. In these tests, an increased load (positive or negative) is applied to the product to identify its yield strength, ultimate strength and other properties. Cyclic tests administer fluctuating loads, often until there is product failure, using load strategies that may involve either cyclical tension, compression or a combination of the two.

These types of tests establish the capabilities of new product performance, but also over time, looks at how problems such as wear and deterioration will affect the product over its lifetime.

This type of testing provides information on:

We have over 54 dedicated doors that are used for only testing and research on site, which allows us to prepare for any performance issues that may be incurred. Of the 54, 30 are sliding doors and 24 are swing doors. This type of testing and research is very valuable and ensures that the product you receive is going to work every time.